River Bank is bringing a new kind of approach to banking. It all started in 2005, when a network of talented bankers dared to ask: why don’t banks treat people like they’re more important than their money.. .instead of less? That simple idea was their inspiration, and on March 2, 2007, that idea came to life.

From the very beginning it had been decided that River Bank would bring the personal touch of community banking. From its inception, the mission of River Bank has always been clear: “Building strong relationships” with each and every customer we serve. We focus on you, making sure we bring you the very best banking accounts and services to make managing your money easy and convenient.

But as proud as we are of the superior banking products we offer, it’s our focus on the best personal service that truly sets us apart from the rest. And we’re proud of that.

At River Bank, service is a corporate way of life; the foundation of our success. We never lose sight of the fact that the relationships we share with you are the cornerstone of this institution. Be assured that each opportunity we have to provide solutions you need will be embraced by banking professionals eager to draw the lines of distinction between River Bank and other banking choices you may have.