Construction Loans

We are actively involved in construction lending for a variety of property types. This includes owner-occupied properties such as office, warehouse and retail space, as well as churches. We also provide single family construction loans for homebuilders and loans for investors or developers for the construction of apartments, retail centers, office buildings and warehouse properties.

Commercial Loan Application

Personal Financial Statement


(These forms are available in PDF format that you can download and print
out. If you download these documents online, we advise you to save it to
your personal computer. Close the web browser and then open the
document from your local directory on your computer. You may then
print out the completed document at your convenience and bring it
to us. If you leave this document open on a web browser this information
can be intercepted by a third party without your permission or knowledge.
If you received a file electronically in an email from River Bank and Trust,
we advise you to follow the same procedures listed above. Do NOT send
this or any document to us electronically through email. Email is not a
secure way of contacting us and the information can be intercepted by
a third party.)